Paola, has been like a second mother to my dogs since they are puppies. She is so caring and goes the extra distance. My boys tails are always wagging when she comes and they  can’t wait to go out with her. She is trustworthy and know when I’m at work or out of town I know they are well taken care of. If you are looking for someone to provide the same level of care and love to your pets, she’s tops in her field.

For over 12 years Paola has been like an extension of our family.  We trust her with our most valuable assets-our home and our dogs. She was always been more than conscientious and caring and has made it possible for us to work full-time and go on vacations and have peace of mind that our dogs are safe and well taken care of.

I have been using Paola for over 2 years at 3-4x/week. I have never met anyone that loves and cares for dogs more than me until I met her. When I’m at work or away for travel, I never worry about my best friend and family member, Beavy.  J

She sends pictures when I’m away that always make me smile and when he comes back home I swear he is smiling.

Paola goes out of her way and makes sure he is fed when sometimes I’m home late. Paolo is so much more than a dog walker/boarder. She is now a friend and someone I rely heavily on to take care of the most precious thing in the world to me.

Paola is a superbly gifted dog person. She is the only walker/boarder Ginger (Female Cockapoo) has ever had and an important part of her life. Every once in awhile, I consider how incredibly fortuitous and lucky I was to have encountered Paola over 10 years ago when Ginger was a few months old. I sometimes feel that Ginger and I are lucky to be members of this special group that Paola looks after.

It is hard to overstate how extraordinary Paola is both professionally and personally. Paola is an extremely kind, and caring care giver. She is a true animal lover, who is knowledgeable and will provide support and experienced practical advice on Dog care that even a good Vet and online research cannot distill. She does this without being insistent and with respect for boundaries of the Vet care etc.

Paola is highly dependable, responsible and in all these years, has never let me down; even when I have to travel on short notice, Paola has been there for me.

Ginger has undergone 2 patellar subluxation surgeries- through the challenging recovery periods, Paola had offered and been there to come over during the day and let her out for toileting and patiently for short walks down the block. The best analogy I have is if you have been a parent (or a carer for elderly parents etc.), is having this truly caring and second dependable ‘parent’. I cannot express enough the comfort of knowing that no matter life’s businesses etc., there is one area of care I have never had to worry about.

As a person, Paola is one of those warm, patient, indefatigable and totally trustworthy people who keeps validating the aphorism that I as a psychiatrist sometimes pass on that- “Yes there are wonderful people out there”.

Paola Ballarino has been walking my mini-schnauzer, Pepper, for three years now. I am absolutely delighted with the service she has been offering. She has never failed to arrive three days a week, happy and smiling, always ready to exchange a friendly word with me as she carefully leashes Pepper before going down the drive to her car in whatever the weather, even the extreme kind!

Pepper, in return, is overjoyed to see one of  her best friends and trots happily to the car to greet her doggie pals and be on her way. Paola knows all the good spots to take them for lots of exercise and fun, giving them plenty of time to play and explore.

Paola is totally reliable and Pepper and I are very happy that she is part of our lives.

The day I met Paola Ballarino was the day I knew my dog, Kingston, would be in the best and most caring hands possible. I am so very thankful for her professionalism and her genuine love of animals. Paola goes above and beyond what is expected. His first love is me. His second love is Paola.  Sometimes maybe I even have to take second place.

I have a very hard time imaging a dog walker more versatile, compassionate. patient and exceptional then Paola Ballarino, We trust Paola and we could not be happier with her dedication and ability to consistently deliver in dog walking, dog boarding, and now friendship. Paola handles Kingston with compassion and complete ease. For Kingston there is no greater sound then my garage door opening and Paola coming to fetch Kingston for his daily walk. He is happy, health and calm dog all because of Paola. She has helped in his development from a puppy to adulthood into a very well adjusted dog.

It is great to know our dog is in hands of such a trustworthy, experienced and reliable walker and boarder. She understands what dogs need. Understanding, freedom, positive reinforcement and love,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Paola for loving Kingston. I cannot recommend her enough.

No dog should miss out on the love of Paola Ballarino.